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Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Tent

- Thursday, June 21, 2012

The return of warm weather means the beginning of another great outdoor party season. Here are some reasons to host your next Event inside a Total Events tent.


#1 Convenience

When you have a tent event, the party goes wherever you want. It is certainly convenient to host a large gathering in the comfort of your own backyard, especially when the bulk of your guests are bound to be friends, family and neighbors. Total Events makes backyard gatherings like a Graduation party easy by providing you with all the options to show your school spirit like specialty table linens in a variety of colors, balloon decor and colorful lighting.


#2 Budget

Hosting a backyard event can be an economical solution to a tight budget gathering. Controlling your food costs by preparing the spread yourself will make the burden of hosting 100 people a bit less expensive.


#3 Options

Designing your own event from the ground up (literally!) give you the flexibility to create the day however you want! Weather you want a casual brunch, an easy lunch, a late night crowd or an all day open house a Total Events tent event accommodates it all. There are never any reasons to worry about what window of time your guests will arrive, because you have the opportunity to set your own rules! A Total Events tent is usually set up at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that you have the time you need for your special day.


#4 Design

The first rule of tent events is there are no rules for tent events. No matter what the size or theme, a tent can transform into the venue of your dreams. From a petite 20x20 tent all the way up to a 60 X 140, tents come in all sizes and shapes. If an all white canvas isn't your scene we have a multitude fabric available to drape the interior of your canopy. From the ceiling to the floor, Total Events offers custom options for any need or want.


#5 Flexibility

It doesn't matter if you want to BBQ yourself or have a talented catering company take care of the food; the choice is up to you! Our area is lucky to have some of the very best off premise catering companies available for all types of events. Having a tent event gives you the flexibility to select from dozens of talented vendors to create the perfect combination of Event professionals.


Total Events offers a wide range of products for a variety of different events, from the largest wedding to small festivities. Total Events provides specialty items, décor linens, china and glassware, catering equipment, furniture, tables, chairs, lighting accessories and more. For more information, visit