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Top 5 Wedding Savings Ideas

- Thursday, September 03, 2015

Everybody loves a deal. I know that personally I find no better satisfaction then getting what I need for a fantastic price. Sometimes it’s just seeing the value of your money well spent that does the trick, other times it’s just finding the right product for the right price. Especially after scrimping and saving, the victory of making that process is even sweeter. Here are 5 simple ways to make sure you get the same high off of your weddings savings as you do everywhere else.

#1. Get married in the “off season."

In the wedding industry this is roughly November-March. As most vendors find that their clients are looking to book April-October dates, the need to fill in the slower months usually equates to savings for you. This does not mean compromising on service, quality or product. Actually, this is generally the best time to get the best price and the most value.

#2. Make friends with the bride getting married the day before, or the day after you.

If you are lucky enough to have a bride getting married at your same venue the day before or the day after, you are in a unique situation to score some savings. While rentals won’t come at a 50/50 cost, they will come at a discount. Leaving rental items up for 2 days means that you can both get what you want at a reduced rate. Please keep in mind that some items do require maintenance, such as chair pads being replaced on Chiavari chairs or dance floors being cleaned and polished – however there are still some savings that will be passed on from not needing to remove the equipment.

#3. Mix up your centerpieces.

Not only is this visually more interesting, but it usually equates to savings for you too. Often times we fall in love with large, ornate arrangements… who can blame us? The price tag for doing something like that on every table adds up quickly. By doing some large, ornate arrangements and supplementing with some smaller ones that are bulked up with candles you can get a lot more bang for your buck without sacrificing on style. The bonus of this is also that you now have a more dimensional and attention-grabbing look going on in your space.

#4. Cut down your guest list.

I know, I know… it is easier said than done. Editing the number of invited guests forces you to make some tough decisions for sure, but it is often worth it if you find that you find that you can’t afford the wedding that you want. Look on the up side, less people is less stress!

#5. Simple is sometimes better.

I too fall for the age old “I want more” concept of life from time to time. However, after trying it I have learned that a few things of quality are better than a whole mess of mediocre. If you find that you are stretching to incorporate things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of your day, take inventory and decide what you can do without. We all want to offer our guests the most entertaining and impressive bag of tricks we can muster up, but that isn’t what the day is about. You will find that your guests don’t miss the cigar bar or the hand stamped candy boxes, they are there to celebrate with you. Show them what means the most to you by having your favorite food on the menu, sentimental songs