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Top Improvement Ideas for Convention Season!

- Friday, October 12, 2012
No matter how you slice it, trade shows are meant to generate new business.  While it's wonderful to speak with the public and see how your product or service is perceived by the public, it's largely driven by the goal to increase sales and revenue.  Total Events Convention & Expo Services handles a large volume of trade shows annually and has some tips and tricks for helping you succeed this next season!

1. Expand your region and begin to attend shows outside of your immediate market.

2.  Attend shows outside of your market to discover how similar businesses present themselves.

3.  Do a raffle or giveaway to track the attendance of your booth.  It will give you the opportunity to reach out to the people you met after the show.

4. Request a larger (double) booth in an area that will see a majority of traffic, such as on a corner.

5.  Be bold and cutting edge with your booth design to draw attendees in 6.  Sometimes with decor, less is more.  Showing fewer items but with more impact will help you focus on what you are trying to display. You do not want clutter.

7.  Research your target market at the show and design your booth around exactly what they would want to see (IE: Don't push honeymoon travel for a Baby Boomer Show)

8.  Remember to re-vamp your booth space and marketing material annually - especially if you attend the same shows every year.

9.  Invest in something that sets you apart from the best of the booths such as a different color drape, tall signage or lighting - you don't want to look like everyone else there.

10.  Send out e-mails and social media reminders about the show to encourage attendance of your target market.

11.  Create a QR Code for your website to track how many people are visiting you from the show.

12.  Unveil a new product or service at the show to encourage interest and promote attendance.

13.  Offer a free goodie with your logo or website on it for guests to take with them.

14.  Make your booth interactive with a game, giveaway or service.  If people are going to stop to partake in your special activity you have a better opportunity to talk with them.

15.  Use video to show what services and products you provide.  If you are speaking to someone else you won't miss the opportunity to educate the other visitors to your booth.

16.  Become a sponsor for the registration or after show reception.  This is a great way to continue to get your logo on trade show material and at the event.

17.  Offer a show special or discount for attendees.

18.  Have at least 2 people at your booth.  This will ensure that even if you need to take a break, someone is there to handle traffic.

19.  Don't sit down!  The best way to attract attention is to be engaged and at eye level to your crowd.

20.  Collect cards!  It is just as important to collect the information from your potential client as it is to hand out your own.  Following up after the show is a great way to keep the dialogue going!