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Trade Show Decorating - Why it's important to "make it pretty"

- Thursday, March 08, 2012
Skeptics would say that a convention is about business and not style.  These skeptics are wrong.  From the moment we step out of bed, the decisions we make are based on what looks good.  Clothes, food, cars, houses… we live in a world of coveting what looks desirable.  A trade show is no different.  Let Total Events style your next convention so that attendees will want to be there.

The main element of a trade show is the exhibitor booths and if they look boring, so does your show.  Total Events has the solution for these boring booths.  Our extensive collection of fabrics and drapery colors and styles combined with unique linens to replace that dull table skirting will flip the generic trade show floor on its head.  Now that we have the bones of your event amped up, we can focus on the details.

Signage is important when promoting a business or product; take the opportunity to make it great.  Custom balloons are also a great way to grab attention and spread the word about your business or product.  Total Events can create custom signage and promotional balloons for your vendors, adding to the distinctive design of their space.  

Making the space inviting for attendees is a major component to keep them on the show floor as long as possible.  Create an attendee lounge for guests to rest their weary bones in.  Given a few minutes to relax and enjoy a refreshment will rejuvenate your crowd and persuade them to take another lap through the show space to check back in on any exhibits they may have missed the first time around.  

Give guests a break from business and let me relax.  Total Events can accommodate Casino tables, Carnival games and other entertainment requests for your upcoming event.  Adding some amusement will lighten the mood and enhance the friendly vibe of the tradition.  Encouraging guests to let their hair down and network more socially takes the pressure off of what can be a dry, tense environment.  

If you have questions about an upcoming trade show or convention, contact the experts at Total Events, the leader is Upstate Expo services!  Visit our Convention & Expo Services  page!