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- Thursday, February 16, 2012
3 things to try at your 2012 Trade Show

1. Video
A well executed video about your company and services is an excellent way to convey who you are.  Vendors often struggle with explaining their services to every attendee walking by, making a video loop is extremely helpful.  Clearly directed towards your company’s message, a video will cut staffing needs, provide an impressive visual display and target your key market.  You will never miss the opportunity to reach out to a potential client again!

2. Color
There is no reason to blend into the background of a boring convention.  Total Events services extend far beyond the standard booth set-up. Our extensive collection of fabrics, draperies and linens are sure to set your space apart.  Creating the proper backdrop for your booth will increase traffic, attention and interest to your space.  Display your company colors, a fresh new sign and you are miles ahead of the game.

3.  QR Codes
Want to bring people directly to your website?  Display a custom QR code in your booth!  These custom generated matrix barcodes when scanned by a smart phone will instantly bring the user to the programmed website. You can even set-up a website specifically for attendees of the trade show with information on how to contact you, where to obtain additional information and any show promotions you are running.  Never before has information been so literally at our fingertips, take advantage!

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