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- Thursday, August 20, 2015

Finding the right vendor for your wedding is important. You want someone that will not only show up on time, but deliver what is promised. There are hundreds of different vendors offering their services for Albany weddings, so how do you know which vendor will do the job right and offer fair pricing?

Choosing a Vendor for Albany Weddings

No matter the size of your wedding party, there will be at least one or two vendors you need for the big day. Whether you are looking for a photographer or you need a cake decorator, there are ways to narrow down the list of potential vendors. Some tips for choosing the right vendor include:

  • Review their services carefully. Some vendors will say they are a one-stop vendor, however, they have limited services they can provide in-house and the rest they outsource to third parties. Stick with a vendor that does not outsource their work, because there is no way to tell if that third party vendor will come through for your event.
  • Ask for samples. For caterers, photographers and cake decorators, asking for samples of past work is important. You can also request a tasting with a cake decorator and caterer so you can sample their food and see if it suits your tastes.
  • Ask for references. An established wedding company in Albany and Saratoga will have a list of past clients that you can check on. Do not skip this step. Even if a company provides you with a list, call and follow up on that list to make sure it is legitimate and that the names on that list were satisfied with the service they received. Plenty of vendors will list fake names or past customers, even if they were not satisfied, because they know most customers will not check on those references.

Total Events has a list of premier vendors that we have prescreened and worked with in the past. These vendors not only offer competitive prices, but the best services in the area. You can view our entire list of preferred vendors to find the companies you need for your wedding.

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