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Wedding Décor Ideas for 4 Popular Non-Traditional Wedding Themes

- Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Non-traditional wedding themes might not be scattered all over popular bridal magazines, but they are becoming increasingly popular. From splashes of bright colors to celebrating your love of sports, you can find the perfect wedding décor to complement your non-traditional theme. To help get you started, let’s check in with four popular non-traditional themes – and how to pick the perfect wedding décor and tent rentals to go along with them.

Carnival Theme

The carnival theme brings the love of a summer festival together with a fun wedding. From cotton candy to carnival-themed games, there is no ‘wrong’ way to decorate this type of wedding. Pick bright colors for your wedding décor – similar to what you would see at an actual carnival – maybe reds, yellows, oranges, greens and blues. Make creative garlands and instead of flowers, make bouquets from cotton candy. The overall décor does not have to always be elegant, in fact, it is meant to be fun and casual.

Christmas Theme

If you are the type that cannot get enough of this once-a-year holiday, then a Christmas-themed wedding is right up your alley. Stick to the traditional red and green colors or take an elegant approach and use pastel blue, white and silver. Add splashes of traditional Christmas décor such as stars, snowflakes or even centerpieces made from scented pine cones.

Rainbow Theme

This type of theme is all about color. Use the traditional colors of the rainbow and add color anywhere you can. Have the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear a different colored outfit or add splashes of color using rainbow colored sashes and bow ties. Have your cake decorator do each layer of cake a different color and use brightly colored flowers in your centerpieces.

Baseball Theme

Take your love of the game to a new level with a baseball-themed wedding. Skip flowers, and make a baseball centerpiece instead. Use traditional baseball colors for your wedding décor, including red, white and blue. Instead of traditional wedding fare, serve peanuts, popcorn and hotdogs like you would get at the game.

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