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Elevate Your Special Day With Wedding Rentals And Décor To Follow The New 2014 Trends

- Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Many couples are happy with a traditional wedding while others plan their wedding with a theme that truly captures their spirit and enlivens their special day. There are many new wedding trends for 2014 beginning to show up in early planning. However, finding the perfect wedding rentals and wedding décor to fit a particular theme may not always be easy if you don’t know where to look.

The good news is that you can match many of the latest wedding trends with affordable wedding rentals. Some of the best wedding ideas for 2014 are discussed below.

• Going Green — a green wedding doesn't necessarily mean that all the tableware needs to be made from recycled materials. It is more of a “return to nature” theme and features wedding décor made from simple, easy to find and inexpensive items. For instance, you can have table centerpieces made using simple mason jars filled with sand containing tealights. They can also be hung from trees along with garlands of flowers. Old wooden boxes can serve as planters for larger floral pieces. Rustic furniture and candelabras can also be used to really add a natural elegance to the area.

• A Vintage Wedding — the recent Great Gatsby movie instilled the desire in many for a party that mirrors those of the roaring twenties. Pearls, feathers, and vintage clothing should be encouraged, and be sure to mix in plenty of appropriate music. If you really love the era, you can encourage everyone to get involved in a group jazz dance.

• Glitter and Gold — Lots of glamour and glitz involved with this theme. The wedding décor can consist of gold lace and linens, sparkling candelabra centerpieces, and lots of other items that add some sparkle to your special day.

To learn more about the popular 2014 wedding ideas and trends, and what wedding rentals you might need to fit the theme, contact an expert at an event services company. The professional staff at Total Events can help you plan your special day and will provide a wide variety of wedding rentals so that you have exactly what you need!

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