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Wedding Rentals - Help me, help you!

- Thursday, March 08, 2012
Wedding Rentals
Help me, help you!

Total Events receives dozens of inquiries every week for all different types of events.  Weddings top the list, with the highest volume of interest.  About 50% of brides search out their rentals 6-9 months in advance of their wedding date.  25% book a year or more ahead and 25% wait until just 6 months before their big day to make the call.  Here are a few tips and tricks of the trade to assist you with your tent and wedding rentals.  

Each year we see stiff competition for certain dates, which increases the need to be aggressive in securing your vendors.  Memorial Day weekend, the entire month of June, the 4th of July, all of September and New Year’s Eve are the biggest “sell out” dates we see at Total Events.  Events during these times should be booked as far in advance as possible.  While we do tend to sell out most weekends in April, May, July, August and October as well, there is more flexibility in ordering.  The key is to call early to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Many clients want to “sleep on it”, which is understandable and in most cases harmless.  Indecision about linens, décor items and other particulars should not stop you from booking your event rentals.  If you find that you can’t decide on which linens to select or if you want to add ceiling swags or paper lanterns, go ahead and book your event without them and add them back in when you make your decision.  Confirming your tent, tables, chairs, dance floor and restroom trailer should take precedence over décor items which can be included upon later.  Don’t risk loosing out on the major items because of the smaller details.

Bigger is better when it comes to a tent.  If you are between two tent sizes, select the next size up to ensure that you have ample space for your guests in case of inclement weather.  A larger tent will ensure that you tables aren’t place directly up against the tent sides, where wind or rain could bother your guests.  Some brides envision the tent to be completely open and guests milling around outside the tent, but sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas.   Always plan for the worst, which will make the best case scenario even better should it happen.  Ideally, everyone will have a sunny and comfortable wedding day but unfortunately that isn’t always the case.  

Other Tips!

-A photo is worth a thousand words.  If you have images of décor or layouts that you like, please let us see them!  
-Have a budget in mind when booking your rentals.  We can guide you into options that best fit your budget and décor expectation if we know what parameters to work within.
-If you are looking to decorate inside of a venue, photos and dimensions of the space are very important.  
-Putting a tent up on private property is far easier than on public property such as a local park or venue property.  Keep in mind that most public property requires you to set-up and breakdown all rental items on the same day as your event which can be costly.

Total Events has all of the specialty décor, custom event rental options and wedding accents you design the day of your dreams.