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What the heck is a wedding theme?

- Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Navigating your way through the beginning of planning

Recently, one of my best friends became engaged.  She's a successful TV personality who has also managed to be in at least a dozen bridal parties.  K does her duties well.  She purchases the questionable dress, throws the pre-wedding functions and smiles at the camera through hours of grueling group shots.  Now it is her turn to cash in.  Being as I owe her one (she was decked out in an Eggplant, Melissa Sweet bridesmaid dress for my big day) she called me to get the ball rolling on her planning.

Being a part of the Event industry for several years, the basics all seemed elementary to me and I forgot how overwhelming this process can be to a novice, such as K.  Her first question was "What the heck is a wedding theme?"  It occurred to me at that moment what a broad expression that is, and how it may be confusing to some people.  It seems that K took this idea of theme very literally, and was left wondering if she had to select from a Wild West or Mardi Gras themed reception (I kid, I kid).  For most brides, the theme is more of less the color scheme.  If they are basing their design elements around a particular era (Victorian or retro) or feeling (glamorous or country), some people consider this the theme of the event.  I advised K to start with the colors she liked for the Event, and we would move forward from there.  If we picked up an element that we wanted to repeat during the process (monogram or insignia of some style) that we would incorporate that into the design from start to finish.

Her next question was a very valid one, where do I start?  The truth is, there are a million different components to a successful event and looking at the to-do list can be daunting.  My first order of business is always to select the venue.  The location of the event (and subsequently also the date) will dictate every other decision that you make from the dress to the availability of the other wedding vendors.  The location of your reception is the beginning of your design inspiration, and it is important to carefully select a location that lends to your personal style and reception expectations.  I always guide people to select a venue that works with their taste, rather than against it.  It is far easier to enhance a space that is half way there, then to re-decorate a room that clashes with your colors.

The finale of my advice is more a general motto for all events... go with your gut.  This is your wedding; hopefully it will be an Event that is put together in a way that you will remember it always as one of the best days of your life.  Take this opportunity to select the things that make you feel special, happy and that represent who you are as a couple.  If you have always loved the woods and they are a big part of your life, plan your day at a beautiful location inside the Adirondack Park.  If you are a member of the military and want your service uniform to be represented, then have an elegant White glove evening inside a picturesque ballroom.  No matter what, take some time to evaluate what is really important to you and make sure it is represented well.

Good luck to K and all of the upcoming Total Events brides on planning the day that describes YOU!

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