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You Need To Be At The Next Show - Why it's important to attend industry trade shows

- Monday, May 14, 2012
The economy has been difficult to navigate for all business in the last few years.  More than anything, a tough economy has bonded professionals together and encouraged a return to more personal relationships, better customer service and some much needed innovation in products.  The trade show circuit combines networking with the introduction of new product innovations, making these events more important than ever.

Some businesses have had to cut their marketing budget and being an exhibitor at trade shows can be an expensive venture.  If you find that you are unable to exhibit at a show you have always displayed at, make sure you still attend as a guest.  It is still important to be in front of the rest of the industry, even if it is simply from a show goer’s perspective.  Use the time to focus on what other business are producing, how they display their services and in what ways you can improve upon your own exhibit.  Keep in mind that a lot of new products developed have been developed in 2011 as the economy began its rise back up, and they’ll need to be rolled out at 2012 shows.

No one wants to take time out of an already packed schedule to attend anything optional, but go anyway.  The opportunity to speak with colleagues is important and can only help you in the long run.  Become acquainted with the ways your competitors are marketing themselves from a different perspective.  Having your biggest competition pitch their product to you will give you incredible insight and allow you to understand how to more effectively align yourself in the market.

The biggest draw to go is to take advantage of specials that may be available at a trade show.  Many businesses offer promotional rates and convention deals to entice their audience to purchase.  Know what products and services you need to acquire before heading to the show and you will certainly walk away with some bargains.  

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